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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





With the cost of fuel through the roof and just about everything else, will the public want to vote in a new tax in Mammoth Lakes? Those in support of Measure R believe they will.

John Wentworth of Mammoth, instrumental in Measure R’s placement on the ballot, talked to Tom Woods recently. He says that Measure R’s sales tax increase is more of an investment than a tax.

The argument for Measure R, said Wentworth, is not a tax argument. Its fundamentally an argument about investment investing in the economy of this community and investing in the quality of life of the residents. Wentworth pointed out that Mammoths current sales tax level is at par with the lowest sales tax rate in the state 7.25%. The sales tax rate in Bishop is 7.75%. Theres no argument to raise sales tax to match Bishop.

Wentworth believes that there is a very specific investment need to take funds and invest in recreation infrastructure. We need to make visitors stay longe3r, help them stay longer, and come back.

Wentworth pointed out that with the $30 million court award against the Town of Mammoth, it’s hard to say when the general fund can offer up funds for trails and parks.