MCWD water quality report is out

mcwdMammoth Community Water District Consumer Confidence Report on Water Quality in 2012 is Now Available

The Mammoth Community Water District’s Consumer Confidence Report on water quality during 2012 is now available at the District office and website ( and at the Mammoth Lakes Library.   The report provides detailed information regarding the quality of the community’s water supplies including information such as where your water comes from, what constituents were detected in 2012, and how it compares to state and federal standards.

Over a three year period ending this construction season, the Mammoth Community Water District will have invested over $7 million in improvements at its three treatment plants to meet changing water quality standards. For questions about the Consumer Confidence Report, please contact the District during normal business hours at (760) 934-2596.

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Pex pipe
Pex pipe
9 years ago

Maybe copper should not be used for potable plumbing