MCWD reminding customers of water conservation

MCWD press release
Despite the massive winter we just experienced, Mammoth Community Water
District’s (MCWD) water supplies are always limited by what we can store in Lake
Mary, groundwater levels and permanent restrictions imposed by State of California.
The biggest impact on water use is summer irrigation.
This spring, MCWD’s Board of Directors reinstated Permanent Water Conservation Regulations. Taking into account additional supplies from the winter, irrigation days were increased from 2 days a week to 3. On allowed days, irrigation hours were increased from 8 hours a day to 17 hours.
In addition, MCWD’s Permanent Water Conservation Requirements promote California’s goal in making “Water Conservation a California Way of Life.”
Betty Hylton, MCWD Project Specialist, was disappointed to see that a number of
customers started watering every day this summer. “It is important for customers to
understand that irrigating established landscapes less frequently actually promotes deep
root growth and healthier landscapes. We would like customers to call us or refer to our
website before setting their irrigation timers.”
MCWD would like customers to be aware that they are ramping up permanent
watering schedule enforcement.
In June and early July, MCWD was able to meet most customer demand from the
surface water available in Lake Mary. During July, water demand increased rapidly due
to irrigation and this demand exceeded our surface water production.
To meet this additional demand, MCWD must rely on pumping groundwater from our wells. About half of MCWD’s groundwater wells have recovered from the effects of heavy pumping during the drought but the other half are still recovering.
To allow recovery time for the remaining wells, MCWD would like customers to use water efficiently and be ready for the inevitable future drought year. Please set your irrigation systems to no more than 3 days per week watering within the allowed time of day.

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Sierra Lady
Sierra Lady
6 years ago

Hi Tinner,
May I suggest you call the MCWD hotline with your neighbors’ address and these details? It’s on their website.
(760) 924-4511 – Anonymous Reporting Hotline


B. Richter

6 years ago

My neighbors are self proclaimed “tree huggers” and environmentalists both of which are acceptable and even admirable except for one thing, they water their much larger than average garden by hand during the warmest time of the day, everyday, in addition to their sprinklers. Though the sprinklers do go off… Read more »