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Eastern Sierra News for June 18, 2024





Statewide, water agencies have faced what they now call a water crisis in California. Another drought, some feel, will put us over the edge on water supplies. Mammoth Community Water District board members have already taken steps to protect the community water supply.

When they last met, the Mammoth Water Board continued discussions on the possibility of implementation of a permanent watering schedule. During summer months, the Board did vote in water use restrictions, and they decided to continue with some restrictions year-round. The proposed permanent watering schedule would require customers to water their landscapes no more than every other day.

The Water Board is also considering enhancing requirements for restaurants, hotels and new turf installations. The Board will discuss all of this further at their November Board meeting.

The Board also talked about another resource that remains in short supply – affordable housing. The Board approved an employee housing policy, which included revisions from the September Board meeting. The housing purchase assistance program will be available to District employees once contract documents are prepared.