MCWD press release

High Runoff and Power Outage in Lakes Basin Put MCWD in Emergency Operations Mode

Cabin owners and businesses around Lake Mary are requested to cooperate with MCWD’s notice to vacate until power is restored

 Mammoth Community Water District (MCWD) crews are working around the clock to keep the wastewater system in the Lakes Basin operating during a Southern California Edison (SCE) power shut down and high snowmelt conditions.

Normally, electric powered lift stations pump wastewater from the low lying area around Lake Mary into collection lines that eventually reach MCWD’s wastewater treatment plant. In early February as the snowpack began building up, SCE shut down power to the Lakes Basin to prevent live electric lines from being buried and potentially coming into contact with skiers and wildlife.

Until power is restored, MCWD is using gas powered generators to power the lift stations.  Now, as the snow melt increases, the lift stations are required to operate continuously to prevent overflows as runoff enters the wastewater system via manholes and clean outs.

MCWD’s first priority is to prevent sewage overflows that could contaminate Lake Mary.  All cabin owners and businesses on Lake Mary Loop Road, with the exception of Pokonobe Lodge, have been notified that occupancy during the power outage is in violation of their sewer service agreement with MCWD.

The use of toilets and other waste disposal fixtures contributes contaminants to sewer flows and could potentially pollute the community’s drinking water supply.  MCWD is asking for patience from visitors to the Lakes Basin while the generators are being used to power the lift stations.

In addition, MCWD is requesting the public report any unauthorized occupancy of cabins and business around Lake Mary while the power is off and to report any suspicious activity around the generators powering the lift stations.

MCWD can be reached at (760) 934-2596.


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