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On February 1, the water content of the Mammoth Pass snowpack was only 53% of normal to date. Based on this data, the Mammoth Community Water District (MCWD) Board of Directors (Board) adopted a resolution declaring the threatened existence of a water shortage (Resolution). The intent of the Resolution is to alert customers that Water Supply Shortage restrictions may be in effect this summer that would restrict landscape irrigation. Early March storms did not significantly improve water supply conditions.

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Currently no Water Supply Shortage Level restrictions are in effect.  Adoption of the Resolution allows the Board to implement a Water Supply Shortage Level at any time by simply passing a motion for the Water Shortage Level deemed appropriate. MCWDasks customers to be on the alert for restrictions that may be implemented this summer and to be sensitive to drought conditions when planning landscape work this year.

Customers will be notified of Water Supply Shortage restrictions through MCWD news releases, the MCWD Facebook page, the customer WaterSmart portal, the MCWD webpage, and through customer water bills.

At the February Board meeting, the MCWD Operations Superintendent indicated a high probability for a robust water supply this coming summer. This projection compared normal demand conditions against current groundwater levels.

Measurements show the majority of wells have recovered from the drought and are higher than at the start of the previous multi-year drought. In addition, the groundwater pumps were recently rehabilitated and can be counted on in a heavy pumping scenario. Conditions that could increase demand beyond the projections and result in Water Supply Shortage restrictions, are a longer and hotter irrigation season and higher than normal summer visitation.


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