McDonald’s Sets Xmas Tree Record Straight

A Christmas Tree confusion in Lone Pine this holiday season. Town’s people thought McDonald’s had backed out of allowing a man to sell Christmas Trees on a lot next to McDonald’s in Lone Pine. Not so.

Liz and Kevin Mazzu own and operate the McDonald’s restaurants here. Liz Mazzu said that a man called to ask for permission to sell trees on the nextdoor lot, owned by McDonald Corporation. Mazzu said they had to say no because of liability issues. In spite of their saying no, the man had trees delivered to the lot anyway, she said.

Inyo County Sheriff deputies stepped in and the man finally moved the trees to another lot. While some locals thought it was a bah-humbug move, Ms. Mazzu said they had no choice but to say no. She added that she and her husband never would’ve agreed anyway because they don’t appreciate non-licensed businesses coming into town to take advantage of the market and locally owned businesses who pay taxes.


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