Well, I’ve had a few listeners ask me if I would do a wine review. And of course I will. One of those listeners, Chuck, told me cabernetabout a Cabernet he had the other day. So, I picked up a bottle of 2008 Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon, Keys Canyon Ranches Vineyard and brought it home to have with dinner. Estancia’s Keys Canyon Ranches Vineyard is located in the Paso Robles area, about 20 miles east of San Simeon. Most of Paso Robles has a strong marine influence with cool nights and warm days, so this allows the grapes to ripen very nicely on the vine. This vineyard is no exception. I poured a glass and noticed that the color was a nice deep garnet red. The nose exhibited an almost rich, fruity complexity with both red cherries and blackberries. In the background there was a hint of oak and spiciness. The taste was medium to full body, very smooth and fruit forward. Those cherries and blackberries showed up again with a bit of chocolate and vanilla. It had a soft, pleasing finish. Overall I ‘d rate this wine above average and it gets 3 out of 5 stars. You can purchase this wine at Vons.

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