Matt Kingsley to run for second term as Inyo Supervisor

Press release

Matt Kingsley, Continuing to deliver Common Sense Leadership for the 5th District.

I am seeking a second term representing Inyo County’s 5th District. I feel honored and humbled by the support and engagement by the citizens of Inyo County and the 5th District in particular.


The complexity and diversity of issues that face us are challenging. With your help, I am fulfilling promises I made in my campaign four years ago: “I will provide fresh and innovative leadership approaches by building strong relationships with constituents, stakeholders and peers to enable the Board of Supervisors to work productively.” I have the enthusiasm, energy, and commitment to continue representing all of Inyo County and the citizens of the many small communities that make up the 5th District.

The 5th District needs a leader who has the experience, knowledge and common sense to engage the issues confidently and transparently. My leadership skills, extensive experience, and connection with the 5th District will allow me to continue serving effectively as your representative to the Board of Supervisors. With your support, I look forward to serving you for four more years.

I’m an actively involved, 38-year Lone Pine resident. I have raised a family, worked, and been enthusiastically engaged in both public and private enterprises in the 5th District. Prior to my election in 2012, I was Fire Chief of the Federal Wildland Fire agencies which provided me with the skills to manage a ten million dollar annual budget and oversee 130 employees. When I retired in 2007 I then worked 5 years as the office manager for U.S. Borax in Lone Pine.

Approachability and collaborative problem solving allowed me to be effective on the Lone Pine School Board, where I served for 4 years including 2 years as president. I have also served on the Lone Pine Fire Safe Council as the chairman, where I collaborated with local ranchers, LADWP, Inyo County Water Department, CAL Fire, the Paiute Shoshone Indian Tribe, and federal agencies.

Among my other accomplishments: 20 years of coaching basketball at Lone Pine High School, 18 years as a Lone Pine Fire Commissioner, and leadership roles in both the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce and the Lone Pine Lions Club.

My long standing as a resident and public servant gives me a deep appreciation of the needs and concerns of residents and businesses and the role governmental agencies should play in support of our citizens and the many small communities that make up the 5th District.

I am lucky to have the friendships and opportunities this area has afforded my family and me.


4 Responses to Matt Kingsley to run for second term as Inyo Supervisor

  1. wile coyote February 16, 2016 at 11:07 am #

    There is still time for an alternative candidate to apply. There are campaign funds and marketing resources awaiting someone who will fight for the sustainability and independence of the 5th District communities (and the job pays >$50,000). Write to [email protected]

  2. Karen Rotchstein February 1, 2016 at 7:11 am #

    Thank you Warpaint. That is a kind understatement. I could not have said it better. Let’s vote for change.

  3. Warpaint January 31, 2016 at 1:42 am #

    Supervisor Kingsley

    Could you please elaborate on the complexity and diversity of issues that face us?
    And could please tell us what campaign promises you kept when you ran for supervisor 4 yrs. ago?

    Some major scandals have happened in the last 3 years to the county and no one who is charge has been held accountable. Folks in high positions are paid very well by the taxpayer, and with that comes a great responsibility.
    The hard working people in this county are becoming restless and frustrated with government and there lack of accountability.

    • A. Concerned Citizen February 2, 2016 at 8:14 am #

      Good questions and comments Warpaint.

      I would elaborate by pointing out that Supervisor Kingsley and the rest of the Inyo County Board of Supervisors recently hired into the Inyo County Counsel’s office both of the Mono County attorneys – Marshall Rudolph and John-Carl Vallejo – involved in former Mono CAO Jim Leddy’s sexual harassment fiasco, as reported by KSRW, The Sheet, and the Sonoma Press Democrat.

      In my opinion, both attorneys did their best to prevent the public from finding out about Mr. Leddy’s behavior and in so doing helped Mono County ensure that Mr. Leddy would not be held accountable for his behavior.

      I believe, therefore, that Supervisor Kingsley – and the rest of the Inyo Board – exhibited very poor judgment in hiring these two attorneys to work for Inyo County; consequently, I do not think Mr. Kingsley deserves to be re-elected.




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