Mary Booher Returns to Mono County Administrative Office

MONO COUNTY, Calif. (FEBRUARY 13, 2023) – On February 9, 2023, Mary Booher, a former resident and valued employee of Mono County for more than 24 years, returned to County service. Ms. Booher’s knowledge of County services, functions, and culture, combined with her lengthy experience in public administration, make her a welcome addition to the Mono County team.

Ms. Booher worked in various positions during her 24 years with Mono County, gaining experience in administration, budget, finance, and various departmental functions, before moving on to leadership roles with both Sonoma and Napa Counties. She most recently retired
as Assistant County Executive Officer from Napa County. After returning to the Eastern Sierra in 2020, she volunteered her time to assist in recovery efforts following the devastating Mountain
View Fire in northern Mono County.

“We are thrilled that Mary has agreed to return to Mono County during this transition period, and know that she will hit the ground running,” said Supervisor Rhonda Duggan, Chair of the Mono County Board of Supervisors. “Her long history with Mono County, and extensive experience in local government, make her an asset to any organization, and we are grateful for her support.”

Ms. Booher will be serving in the capacity of “Retired Annuitant – County Administrative Office, Special Projects.” Ms. Booher received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nevada, Reno, her Bachelor of Science/Business Administration degree from Regis University in Denver, Colorado, and her Master of Public Administration from Golden Gate University in San

Ms. Booher will be working part-time to adhere to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) rules of retired annuitants.

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Fred Stump
Fred Stump
7 months ago

What this press release does not say, although Supervisor Duggan’s quote alludes to it, is that Mono CAO Lawton has been placed on Administrative Leave. I had interactions with Mary Booher when I was involved with Mono County and always found her knowledgeable and thoughtful.

Nothing To See Here
Nothing To See Here
7 months ago
Reply to  Fred Stump

Thank you Fred. The press release’s failure to mention that fact constitutes disinformation, IMO. And in that regard the release is also deja-vu all over again. Because Mono County issued a similarly incomplete and self-serving press release when former Mono County CAO Jim Leddy mysteriously left office one day for… Read more »