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Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht said the Town will keep Martinez into 2014.

ANOTHER UPDATE –  Seems Ms. Myrold “mis-typed the total”  of Marianna Marysheva-Martinez’s total compensation. Myrold said of Martinez, “Her base salary is $208,000 with PERS her total compensation is $245,915.”

UPDATE – Correction from Manager Wilbrecht on Martinez’s compensation.  Acting Finance Director Cyndi Myrold said, “Marianna’s base salary is $208,000.  With PERS, the total employee cost is $345,915.  Marianna does not receive any other benefits in her current contract.”

Mammoth Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht has confirmed that the Town will continue to employ Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez into 2014. Her current contract ends next spring. Wilbrecht said the Town is in the process of amending that contract to include a new title and duties and the same pay.  Wilbrecht said Martinez’s contract will be extended through July, 2014, and her job description will be Administrative Services Director which is in the approved budget.

During talks about elimination of jobs in the re-structuring of Mammoth Town government, a number of citizens pointed to two town managers as too expensive and unnecessary. Asked to respond to those critics, Manager Wilbrecht said, “The Town has many managers – the police chief, public works, community development and recreation.”  Wilbrecht said that Martinez will be a manager to oversee the financial department.  He said that he and Martinez have never been “two people doing the same thing.”

Wilbrecht said Martinez has focused on the settlement with MLLA and will do follow up work on that

Interim Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez

Marianna Marysheva-Martinez will become Mammoth’s Administrative Services Director.

issue as well as “development and management of the town financial systems, tax collection systems, budgets, state reporting, employee salary and benefit study, development of an asset management plan, and performance efficiencies in many town activities.” Wilbrecht said that if the Town did not retain Martinez, they would advertise and hire an Administrative Services Director.

I asked Wilbrecht to generally describe what it is he does for the Town and what Martinez will do.  He said he handles labor negotiations, regional partnerships with the County, Forest Service and other agencies, oversight of all departments such as Human Resources, Risk Management, Police Department, Parks and Recreation, Planning, Economic Development, Housing, ESTA, and MLTPA.  He is also the personnel director.

Wilbrecht said Martinez’s job is systems and finance, budget development, implementation and monitoring, post bankruptcy details which are numerous, budget work, he said, including forecasting, capital projects and budgeting, agreements at the airport and in the future many other tasks.

Martinez will continue to make a gross payment of $192,000 per year plus travel and use of a town-owned condo.  Asked again to comment on those who criticize retaining Martinez, Wilbrecht said, “There are certain things government needs to do and do well.  Our goal is to do things well.  Marianna will help us do that.”


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