‘March for the Earth’ on Earth Day at Bishop City Park

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Earth Day will be celebrated around the globe on Saturday April 22. This marks the 47th anniversary of a day set aside to raise awareness and to educate ourselves about our planet, our environment and all the challenges and opportunities that come along with taking care of it. It is always a day to come together to celebrate our amazing planet Earth.

This Earth Day the newly formed local group INYO350, in conjunction with its sister organization 350 MONO and the Sierra Club, will be sponsoring a ‘March for the Earth’ in Bishop. The March will be sponsored in solidarity with the international ‘March for Science’ and the ‘People’s Climate March’ in which people all around the globe will be gathering and marching to celebrate science and to promote an awareness of climate, jobs and justice.

All are welcome to join in this celebratory ‘March for the Earth.’ The event will start at 9:00 a.m. with a Gathering in the back of the Bishop City Park in the picnic pavilion across from the Senior Center.

The Gathering will include songs, a blessing, speakers and acknowledgement of the amazing scientists working here in the Eastern Sierra. The March will take place from 9:30 – 10:30 along Main Street in downtown Bishop. The March is being planned to end in time for people to join in on other Earth Day events taking place in the Bishop City Park and at the Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center.

INYO350 is part of 350.org which is currently active in 188 countries. As an international organization dedicated to promoting environmental protection and climate awareness, 350.org has worked to build a global climate movement from the grassroots up. The science behind “350” is that if we wish to maintain our planet in a condition similar to how it has existed since the development of human civilization then we need to decrease carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to 350 parts per million (ppm.) We are currently at 400 ppm. The time is now to do all within our power to reduce carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Locally INYO350’s work revolves around action groups that are focused on the Environment, Social & Economic Justice, and Healthcare. Shawn Louth, President of INYO350, states, “There is much to be done right now. I encourage all who are interested and want to learn more to attend our monthly meetings and become involved. Working together we are taking concerns and transforming passions into meaningful actions.” The members of INYO350 are committed to devoting time and positive energy to the achievement of their mission which is “To promote environmental protection and social and economic justice through policy influence, education and direct action.”

The Sierra Club was founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892 and is now the nation’s largest grassroots environmental organization – with more than two million members and supporters including nearly 1,000 in the Eastern Sierra.

As local Sierra Club Eastern Sierra Organizer, Fran Hunt, notes, “The March for the Earth is a celebration of our planet; the clean air, water and healthy landscapes we treasure in the Eastern Sierra; and the scientists who study and help us safeguard these natural wonders. Our goal is to advance both social justice and environmental awareness.”

For more information on INYO350 or the March for the Earth please email them at [email protected] and follow them on Facebook or contact the Sierra Club at [email protected] or follow the local Range of Light group on Facebook.



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