Mammoth's Interim Town Manager Dan Holler.  Photo courtesy of

Mammoth’s Interim Town Manager Dan Holler. Photo courtesy of

In his first month on the job, Mammoth’s Interim Town Manager, Dan Holler, has delved into the organizational structure of the cash-strapped town to determine if and how many employee and department head vacancies should be filled, how town government can function better, how functions are related – all of this in the short-run and long-term.

Manager Holler said he hopes to have a report prepared for the Town Council for their November 20th meeting or the first meeting in December. Holler said, “I’m looking at the broader issues – the organizational structure and where we need management versus workers. My priority is to enhance efficiencies,” he said. Holler said he also wants to see if there is a better way to organize around the workload.

Key policies are also under scrutiny. Holler said that for instance some positions were funded with savings. He said, “That’s not a good way to finance positions.” Holler also has an eye on who would fill in if a department heads leaves. This examination focuses on immediate needs, six-month concerns and a five-year window, according to the Manager.

Holler made it clear he will not “just fill vacancies.” He says he will examine operations in light of how all departments tie together. Holler said, “You can’t build in a vacuum, department by department.”

What about town finances? Holler said the Town does have the money to pay its MLLA debt. It was paid July 1st. It’s about managing cash flow. Holler admitted that “Things are extremely tight.” He did say that the Town is coming out of last year in better shape than first thought. He said he will “manage the limited resources we have. It’s an ongoing challenge.”

Next week, we’ll hear from the Interim Town Manager on much-discussed potential land purchases and selection of a permanent Town Manager.

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