Man missing in Tecopa area

On the evening of Friday March 11th Inyo County Sheriff’s Dispatch was contacted regarding a cellular phone that was found in the desert east of Tecopa.

Billy Liles

Billy Liles

It was determined that the cellular phone belonged to 83-year old James “Billy” Liles of Carmel, CA. Mr. Liles had been camping near Tecopa about two miles from where the cellular phone was discovered.

On Saturday March 12th ten Inyo County Search and Rescue members, and three local Bureau of Land Management rangers began searching the Tecopa area, including the Armargosa Wash. Assisting in the search was CHP helicopter H-80 out of Apple Valley.

Interviews with family indicate that the Tecopa area is a location that Mr. Liles has frequented in the past; and that he enjoys photographing the natural surroundings.

If anyone has any information that may assist in locating Mr. Liles, please contact Sheriff’s Dispatch at 760-878-0383. It is believed that he carries a 6-foot long walking stick and dresses in muted colors.

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2 Responses to Man missing in Tecopa area

  1. Low-Inyo March 19, 2016 at 5:03 pm #

    With an 83 year old man,even though it seems he was a hiker,judging from the photos of the area he was last seen in,enough time and resources should result in a finding….I hope the family and friends of Mr. Liles are pushing this issue,and not to let it end up turning into the same type of tragedy that happened up in Independence,Mazourka Canyon back in 2006,which was a disaster for both the family and the authorities when the whole story and how things were done finally came out…..if he hasn’t been found yet,it’s been over a week missing now…still answers and a possible recovery are needed.

  2. Joel Peters March 17, 2016 at 11:53 am #

    Billie Liles is a friend of mine. Seems to me they could have used dogs to look for him, since they had his scent on his cell phone. I doubt he was sucked up into a flying saucer. I wonder what the weather conditions were at the time he disappeared. I pray he is found.


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