For 23 years, Peter Tracy has served as the Town Attorney for Mammoth Lakes. Tracy will end that stint at the end of this year.


Attorney, Peter Tracy

In a press release from the Town of Mammoth, the news is Tracy intends to resign from his Mammoth Lakes position at the end of December but continue his work as attorney for the City of Bishop. Tracy is quoted as saying, “My decision to leave was made for personal reasons. I love the Town of Mammoth Lakes, and I love the people who work for the Town. I will sorely miss the Town and the people.”

Tracy has worked for 22 council members over his 23 years. Town Manager Rob Clark is quoted as saying that Peter Tracy has been one of his closest advisors. Clark said, “He always understood the practical concerns of the Town and its Town Council and was always able to help the Council meet the letter and spirit of the law while still achieving the people’s business.”

Clark said that later in the summer the Town Council will be provided with options for replacement of Tracy. The Town press release said that “Normally this is done through an open recruitment or by issuing a request for proposals for a contract Town Attorney.” The release goes on to underscore the importance of an open and transparent process.

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