Mammoth’s Bear Issue: He Said, She Said

In an issue largely marked by bad human relations and flawed communication, one more mishap hardly seems noteworthy; but here goes.

Seems that word got around about summary notes from the June 3rd meeting of the group, Bear With Us. The notes quote Mammoth Mayor Wendy Sugimura as saying that she never wants to speak to or see Steve Searles ever again. “It would be fine with me if I never have to deal with him or his family again.”

Sugimura insists she never said that. She wrote a letter to the Editor to explain her view on the published comments:

In the Aug. 30, 2008 edition of The Sheet, certain remarks about Steve Searles and his family were attributed to me in a meeting with the Bear-With-Us organization. I vehemently deny having made any statement like this. I have consistently demonstrated the utmost professionalism, honesty and integrity throughout my council tenure and such a comment would be entirely out of character for me. Furthermore, six other people in attendance at that meeting, including Cleland Hoff of the Bear-With-Us board of directors and Diana Lavery who was a board member at the time, agree that they never heard me make these remarks. I would not normally dignify a situation like this with a response, but in this instance I feel I have no choice except to defend my character.

–Wendy Sugimura Mayor, Town of Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Meanwhile, more bear talk was expected at the Mammoth Town Council meeting Wednesday night. Stay tuned.


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