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The biathlon range and course build is underway and it’s looking great. The venue is magnificent, there’s lots of snow and the weather is beautiful.


Everyone, whether you are racing or just watching, come out and be part of our biathlon celebration.

Here’s the schedule and information on logistics to get to the venue.

Saturday Mar 19 Schedule

Range open for recheck of zeroing of 25 m rifles (not open to competitors) 9:00-9:30

Range procedures demonstration for range personnel and competitors who would like to see. 9:35

Opening ceremonies 9:45

Juniors – 25 meters, prone, prone, three 1 kilometer laps

U8 Boys & Girls, U10 Girls 10:00

U10 Boys, U12 Boys & Girls 10:45

AWARDS 11:20

Recheck of zeroing of 50 m rifles (not open to competitors) 11:20-11:50

Range procedures demonstration for range personnel and competitors who would like to see. 11:50

Wounded Warriors and Athletes with disabilities – 50 meters, three 1 kilometer laps
Race 12:10

AWARDS 12:55

Beginner Adults – 50 meters, prone, prone, three 1.5 km laps.

Women 1:05

Men under 50 1:45

Men over 50 2:25


Sunday Mar 20 Schedule

Range open for zeroing of personal rifles and 50 m rifles (open for competitors with personal rifles)


Opening ceremonies 9:45

Elites/Red Book Certified Athletes – 50 meters, prone, prone, standing, standing, five 1.5 km laps.

Women, Men, 50+ 10:00

Range procedures demonstration for range personnel and competitors who would like to see.

10:45 (immediately following final Elite athlete)

Juniors – U14 (prone, prone); U16, U18, U20 (prone, standing) – 50 meters, three 1.5 km laps

All Girls, U14 Boys 10:55

Boys U16 & U18 11:15

AWARDS 11:35

Seniors & Masters – 50 meters, prone, standing, three 1.5 km laps

Seniors and M1 12:00

M2 & M3 Men 12:30

M3 & M4 Women 1:00

range closed 1:30



There will be food available for purchase at the site.

VOLUNTEERS: There are still a few spots open if you or a friend would like to help. We can also use help immediately after the last race of each day cleaning up and taking down.

Getting to race start: Participants and spectators are encouraged to make their own way to the venue at Reds Lake (near Chair 13 and 14), which is 1.25 miles from Main Lodge.

Downhill skiers – The easiest way, if you downhill ski and have a Mammoth pass, is to carry your nordic gear and ski down from the top of chair 12. We encourage this for all parents and spectators who can. Nordic skiing down from the top of chair 12 is very exciting!!

Nordic skiers and walkers – One can walk or Nordic ski, 2 kilometers, to the site, which would be an excellent warm up for your race.

Snow cat from base of Chair 12 – For those participants who are not able to ski to the site, a limited number of seats are available on one snow cat leaving from the base of Chair 12 (starting at 8:10). A free one-time lift ticket for Chair 11 (open on race days at 8:00), included in your registration gives access to Chair 11, then you just ski to the right down to chair 12.

Sherpa – For those who cannot walk or ski to the site or the base of Chair 12, a large blue snowmobile with a trailer will be at the top of the Mammoth Mountain Inn parking lot (starting at 7:00 for volunteers and 9:00 for non-skiing spectators).

*Both transports are free for racers and volunteers

Due to the limited transport ability only a limited number of tickets for transport of spectators, family, friends, etc. will be available for purchase on Saturday Mar 19 and Sunday Mar 20 at the Slopeside Building, Main Lodge.

Please allow plenty of time to reach the venue, at least an hour or more. Due to snow conditions, volunteers, etc. we are on a very tight schedule. Please don’t miss your start

Saturday Evening Opportunity

Below please find information on an opportunity that you may want to participate in. Our biathlon coincides with the Mammoth Lakes Winter Recreation Summit, and Saturday night a panel presentation may be of interest to our participants — one of the panelist, Tracy Lamb, is a familiar name in the sport of biathlon.


DATE: Saturday, March 19th 6:00 pm – Closing Reception

TIME: 7:00 pm – Panel Discussion Keynote Finale – A Changing Climate And Opportunities For The Eastern Sierra

VENUE: Sierra Event Center – 452 Old Mammoth Road

PRESENTED BY: Mammoth Lakes Recreation

Panelist Bio: Tracy Lamb is the Director of the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, but it’s his experience as a leader in the International Biathlon Union that he’ll share as part of the Mammoth Lakes Winter Recreation closing night panel. Tracy has travelled the globe on behalf of the sport and has seen what innovative steps international biathlon destinations have taken to adapt to changing snow levels and climate conditions. He’ll discuss how the techniques found in the European countries might be used in Mammoth Lakes

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