Mammoth Water Officials Weigh Water Supplies

In spite of a fairly healthy runoff prediction for Mammoth Lakes, Water District staff will look at the whole picture and then make a recommendation on how to evaluate this year’s water supply in the Mammoth area.

At their recent meeting, water board officials heard that the LADWP has forecast an 85% of normal runoff year, based on their April 2 snowpack survey at Mammoth Pass. Staff told the board that snowpack measurements are only one of several factors to be considered in evaluating the current year’s water supply.

They pointed out that last year’s forecast was 95% of normal, but groundwater levels did not recharge as expected due to very low precipitation conditions and increased pumping. So, more work ahead and then more discussion next month. Board members did state that Mammoth residents should understand that outside irrigation accounts for more than half of the summer’s water demand.

The next meeting of the Mammoth Community Water District will take place May 28th at 5:30pm at District offices.


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