mcwd1Mammoth Community Water District Assists Snowcreek Athletic Club with Flooding Emergency

In the early morning hours of November 6th, MCWD’s emergency on-call staff received a call from the Mono County Sheriff Dispatch Operator requesting the Water District provide assistance to the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department regarding a pipe rupture in the basement of the Snowcreek Athletic Club.  

“We responded as soon as we got the call,” said Maintenance Superintendent, Mark Busby.

Water District on-call staff was on-site within 15 minutes to shut off the water supplying the Snowcreek Athletic Club.  District staff found the entire basement and first floor were flooded. Working with in coordination with the MLFD, District staff mobilized a trash pump to the site and immediately began to pump out the basement.  Once the water was out of the building, District staff entered the basement and found that a 6-inch plastic pipe, owned by the Athletic Club, had ruptured.  This pipe supplied a private fire hydrant owned by the club.  Close inspection showed the pipe wall had thinned near a mechanical fitting, likely indicating that the pipe had been leaking for some time before the rupture occurred.

The Water District was pleased to be able to respond quickly to turn off the connection to the Club and to help pump the water out of the building.  The Water District estimates that the Snowcreek Athletic Club leak released just over half a million gallons of water.


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