Mammoth Water District Goes for Solar Array

While LADWP has suddenly gone public with a mega-solar project plan for the Owens Dry Lake, Mammoth Community Water District officials quietly came up with their own solar plan which could save the district more than $400,000 a year in power costs.

The plans include a solar photovoltaic array system on about 3.5 acres of water district land off Meridian Blvd. The project would generate around 600 kilowatts of electricity which would run the wastewater treatment plant and possibly more.


MCWD Manager Greg Norby

Water District Manager Greg Norby said that the solar project would cost $4 million. He said the District could use its own capital reserves or finance the project. He said that the District will probably use its own money since the savings would range between $300,000 and $450,000 annually. He called it a good investment.

On top of that, Norby said that Edison would pay the District 32 cents per kilowatt hour generated.

The water board is expected to adopt a Negative Declaration environmental document to proceed with the solar project.


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