Mammoth Water Board Scrutinizes Rising Water Needs

Enough water for still more people? Members of the Mammoth Community Water District wonder about that as the Town of Mammoth grants increased densities for projects.mcwd_board_meeting_7-20-07.jpg

This issue came up at the last Water Board meeting. Officials talked about what to do when the Town approves greater density from the general plan. District staff told the Board that water supply projections, wastewater infrastructure needs and connection fees were based on demands spelled out in the general plan. So, the staff concluded that the projections based osn the general plan may no longer be valid.

Officials said that increases in the denisites in town may result in future water demands that are greater than the supplies accounted for in the current connection fees.

The Water Board directed staff to work towards better communication with the Town of Mammoth so Town officials understand that what the Town does can impact water and wastewater services to Mammoth residents.

The Board also directed staff to review the connection fee study and to develop a plan to address potentially higher population densities than anticipated from the general plan.

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