Measure Z “Yes” votes far outnumbered no votes during the special ballot election Tuesday in Mammoth Lakes.

The semi-official results from the Mono County Elections Department showed 858 “Yes” votes for a 69.87 percent total and 370 “No” votes, equaling 30.13 percent.

Votes were received 1,228 of 2,900 registered voters, according to the Mono County Elections Department, which noted it will have official numbers Friday afternoon.

The “Yes” vote on Measure Z means that if the Mammoth Lakes Town Council wishes to expand nightly rentals into residential zones, that the people will have the right to vote on it first.

Supporters of “Yes on Measure Z” stressed that “Measure Z does not deal with any properties outside of the residential zones, it does not lock anything in forever, it does not touch the commercial or resort zones, and it does not restrict the Town Council from doing a single thing other than requiring them to ask the voter’s permission before expanding nightly rentals into residential zones.”

“Yes” supporters also quoted Mammoth Lakes Town Attorney Andy Morris from a July 1st Town Council meeting: “A YES on Measure Z “does not change the zoning code…. It doesn’t ask people to vote yes or no on single family rentals, all it does is say that the voters will have to weigh-in before any changes can be made in [the three residential] zones.”

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