Mammoth Town Manager salary and benefits go to Town Council

Mammoth’s new town manager, Dave Wilbrecht, will take home an annual salary of $199,000. His agreement with Mammoth


Wilbrecht is expected to start work June 1.

spells out duties and compensation. That agreement will go before the Town Council Wednesday night.

The agreement with Wilbrecht appears on the agenda in open session. The agreement itself is part of the agenda packet. In addition to the salary of $199,000, the new manager will receive retirement benefits with participation in CalPERS. The Town will not pay the employee share of CalPERS contributions, which follows a resolution approved by the Council last November.

The new manager can participate in all health plans and other insurance programs provided to management employees. Wilbrecht will receive the same vacation, sick and personal leave benefits as other management employees. The Town will pay him a $500 per month vehicle allowance for a personal vehicle to be used for Town business.

The agreement says that the new manager will serve at the will and pleasure of the Town Council. The document spends close to three pages on issues involving termination and severance pay and the fact that the town manager can have a flexible work schedule.

More on this item Wednesday night. It is the first policy matter listed on the 6pm agenda.

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