Mammoth Town Manager Goes to Closed Session

During and even before the talk of restructuring government in Mammoth, reports had circulated that members of the Town robclark9-2-10Council may have problems with their Manager Rob Clark. The Council has called a special meeting for Wednesday, Sept. 8, to gather in a closed session to evaluate the Town Manager, according to the agenda.

Even before the June election and the inclusion of two new council members, some councilmen had voiced dissatisfaction with Clark’s handling of police problems and budget matters. In fact, Clark’s actions had become a matter of election politics, with some either openly or privately discussing his departure.

Clark himself had issued press releases, defending his handling of the budget and stating that finances were in good order. Clearly, the new Council has a different view of financial matters.

Sources close to town government had earlier noted that by law a Council can not dismiss a Town Manager until 90 days after an election. Wednesday marks the 90th day, although indications are that Clark will stay around.

The special meeting of the Mammoth Town Council happens Wednesday at 6pm in Suite Z.

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