At Wednesday night’s Town Council meeting, Dave Wilbrecht pulled out his pen and said he was ready to sign the town mltc4_6_11manager agreement with Mammoth Lakes. The Town Council and audience applauded. No one mentioned the financial nightmare of the $40 million debt that faces the Town.

Town Attorney Andy Morris did mention changes made in Wilbrecht’s contract from the first draft. Initially, the document said the Town would pay his share of CalPERS contributions, but attorney Morris reported to the Council at their last meeting that they had passed a resolution in November that said the Town would not pay the employees’ share of CalPERS for management and department heads. More negotiations followed.

Observers speculated that adjustments in monetary compensation might have made up for the gaffe in the original agreement over retirement contributions. No one commented on that. The agreement does give Wilbrecht $199,000 per year in salary and a $500 per month car allowance. He also gets all benefits which usually add up to 30% to 40% of salary.

Wilbrecht said he’s glad to work with Mammoth and has received huge community support. The Council expressed support, too.

Mayor Skip Harvey noted Wilbrecht’s skills, experience and understanding of the Town. On a unanimous vote, the Council approved Wilbrecht’s agreement. He goes to work as town manager June 1st. Interim Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez will stay on for a month to help Wilbrecht settle in.