May 13, 2020- The Mammoth Lakes Town Council set up a call-in, zoom-enhanced Q&A session Tuesday evening(May 12) to try to bridge the communication gap left by COVID-19 restrictions. Here’s a sample:
Q: Mammoth is testing but that means our positive numbers are going up. Shouldn’t we use different metrics?
A: The State is setting the guidelines for re-opening; we can’t make up our own.
Q: Have businesses closed?
A: There are rumors but nothing has been confirmed.
Q: Could the County support opening areas other than Mammoth Lakes?
A: That has been proposed to the State but there has been no response.
Q: Will there be a 2020-21 ski season?
A: Altera is committed to opening, according to Town Manager Dan Holler
Q: Is the Town making masks available?
A: The Emergency Operations Committee is buying masks, goggles and hand sanitizer. When the order comes in, it will be re-directed to the Chamber of Commerce.
Q: What about camping sites?
A: Federal campgrounds are closed and can’t be opened by local government; there are challenges with RV parks because of the public rest rooms and water systems.
Q: What are the requirements to open lodging?
A: Lodging is in the State’s Stage 3. Lodging will be the turning point, but the Town and the County can’t get ahead of Governor Newsom.
Q: What about parks?
A: The majority are open. Shady Rest is on Forest Service lands and is closed; playgrounds are in Stage 3 and are currently closed.
Q: Why can’t we open anyway?
A: There would be really bad consequences.
Q: What about the people who are ready to revolt, turn to civil disobedience?
A: We’re close to opening. People won’t want to come here if we turn to civil disobedience and demonstrations. Look at Michigan.

Councilmember Lynda Salcido closed the session with an apt quote: “when walking through hell, keep walking.”

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