May 13, 2020- The Mammoth Lakes Town Council set up a call-in, zoom-enhanced Q&A session Tuesday evening(May 12) to try to bridge the communication gap left by COVID-19 restrictions. Here’s a sample:
Q: Mammoth is testing but that means our positive numbers are going up. Shouldn’t we use different metrics?
A: The State is setting the guidelines for re-opening; we can’t make up our own.
Q: Have businesses closed?
A: There are rumors but nothing has been confirmed.
Q: Could the County support opening areas other than Mammoth Lakes?
A: That has been proposed to the State but there has been no response.
Q: Will there be a 2020-21 ski season?
A: Altera is committed to opening, according to Town Manager Dan Holler
Q: Is the Town making masks available?
A: The Emergency Operations Committee is buying masks, goggles and hand sanitizer. When the order comes in, it will be re-directed to the Chamber of Commerce.
Q: What about camping sites?
A: Federal campgrounds are closed and can’t be opened by local government; there are challenges with RV parks because of the public rest rooms and water systems.
Q: What are the requirements to open lodging?
A: Lodging is in the State’s Stage 3. Lodging will be the turning point, but the Town and the County can’t get ahead of Governor Newsom.
Q: What about parks?
A: The majority are open. Shady Rest is on Forest Service lands and is closed; playgrounds are in Stage 3 and are currently closed.
Q: Why can’t we open anyway?
A: There would be really bad consequences.
Q: What about the people who are ready to revolt, turn to civil disobedience?
A: We’re close to opening. People won’t want to come here if we turn to civil disobedience and demonstrations. Look at Michigan.

Councilmember Lynda Salcido closed the session with an apt quote: “when walking through hell, keep walking.”

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2 years ago

To our duly elected Town Council: The state has no money to give you Following the guidelines set forth by the Governor is unachievable in this community There is no good option for the circumstance we are in I respectfully submit, the path we are on is unsustainable. businesses need… Read more »

Maureen Elizabeth McClain
Maureen Elizabeth McClain
2 years ago

Wow! Is that really what you think of each and every council member? How do you know where they get their livelihood. Some of them have worked in other parts of the country came here just like the rest of us did. Tourism we don’t want any tourism right now… Read more »

2 years ago

So TWO MONTHS LATER they finally come out from hiding to supposedly answer questions?? These questions are answered by Dan Holler, their puppeteer. Those idiots aren’t capable of anything. The entire council is full of people who are trust funders, pension collectors or stoned degenerates. Their livelihood is not dependent… Read more »

Mono Person
Mono Person
2 years ago
Reply to  Dan

If you have ever listen to a Board of Supervisors meeting, you would be putting them there too!! And Stacy Coreless gets to dominate what will happen to the rest of Mono County, based on Mammoth. Small businesses around the county are dying!! #WearenotMammoth!!