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Eastern Sierra News for June 25, 2024





The political debate could get interesting before June in Mammoth Lakes. Tony Barrett made official what seemed to be true – he will run for a Council seat. Barrett joins a race that clearly includes incumbent Kirk Stapp and candidate Joe Bacon. Don McPherson also took out papers.

In a press release issued Thursday evening, Barrett said, "With much thought, consideration and discussionwith clsoe friends and family, I have made the decision to declare myself a candidate for the upcoming Mammoth Lakes Town Council race to be held June 3, 2008."

Barrett went on to say that the Town has experienced a lack of leadership in the last 19 months, along with a fiscal downturn and a "diminished sense of community." He calls for action on Developer Impact Fees, governance of annual budgets and policies, infrastructure needs such as sidewalks, lighting, storm drainage, continued implementation of the General Plan and district Planning, year-round public transit, town-wide parking infrastructure, air service, workforce housing.

The conventional wisdom in Town had already concluded Barrett's intention. Now, the politically interested wait to see what Mayor Skip Harvey will do about re-election and what potential candidate McPherson will do.

Does the Town Council lack, as Barrett says, community momentum?

Election dialogue has barely begun. The deadline for nomination papers is March 7th unless one of the incumbents does not file. Then, the deadline extends until March 12th.