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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





The Mammoth Town Council approved an agreement with Town employees that puts an end to furlough Fridays that have shut down operations two days a month.

mammoth_town_officeMike Grossblatt with the Town of Mammoth Lakes explained that three of the four employee associations had agreed to new terms that eliminated the two furlough days a month, but gave up cost of living adjustments through 2014. Management and general employees will now be back at work on the two furlough days a month starting in July.
The police did not take furlough days but did give up holiday and call out pay when the town had to make cuts.

Grossblatt explained that the Public Works employees and the town had not come to terms yet, but he expected an agreement the week of May 24th.

Despite the costs associated with cancellation of the furlough days, Town Manager Rob Clark explained that staff has been cut by 20% since the budget started to shrink.

With the 4-0 vote to allow the Town Manager to sign the agreements, staff will be back at work every Friday starting in July. Councilmember Neil McCarroll was absent from the meeting.

Also at the council meeting, Town Staff reported that better than expected bed tax returns had brought in a $1 million surplus to Town coffers. This good news for the Town budget is tempered by a continued drop in sales tax revenue which has come in close to $200,000 below projections so far this year.