More from the Mammoth Town Council Candidates Forum the eight candidates answered specific questions put to them as individuals by Moderator Tom Cage.
Allen Blumer, the man who wants a wildlife sanctuary in Mammoth, was asked about his stated desire to solidify Mammoth as a destination resort without much development.

Blumer said that there are many empty spaces within the town, and he believes, We should in-fill what we already have.Three stories is a lot of building for our definition of the Village in the Trees.How would Rick Wood accomplish what he has talked about as restructuring Town Government?

Wood said there is a general perception that local government is not running well and that the Town Council is not working well.Wood said he would start with a firm direction. Tell the Town Manager what to do and get rid of the monthly furlough days. Wood said Mammoth needs to determine how many employees government really needs and have a pay as you go budget. Wood also said he would re-establish leadership with a consensus on the Town Council.

Cage asked candidate Sharon Clark if she is the No Growth candidate.Clark said No.Growth is not a four-letter word, she said.We can get what we want when we build.

Asked what he meant by a spectrum of viewpoints, Candidate Matthew Lehman said its a question of what the political scene is missing.He pointed out that he lived through many facets of Mammoth. Lehman said he was 2-years-old when his family moved to town.He said he understands from a personal level what it means to have recreation opportunities in town and other public needs.Lehman said he would use his personal perspective moving forward.

What did she mean about transparency and change in government?Candidate Dawn Vereuck said she does feel openness is critical to good government.She said that the amount of closed sessions seem inappropriate and excessive. As a citizen, said Vereuck, That’s how I see it.We need fewer back room decisions.

Tom Cage turned to Kirk Stapp and said there seem to be two Kirks one, originally against development, and one more for it.Which Kirk will we get this time

Stapp responded that he favors promotion of marketing and sustaining the community now. He said he opposes new planning policies. Stapp said this may appear anti-growth but he believes growth is important, quality growth.
Cage asked Tony Barrett what he meant about job opportunities.

Barrett said the Chamber of commerce is part of government and can help businesses get started. He also pointed to the idea of temporarily suspending fees for remodeling and other building projects to help the construction trades. “Let’s get rid of fees for 6 months,” said Barrett. he said Mammoth needs incentives to put people back to work. He also pointed to small industry possibilities.

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