We reported the Town of Mammoth Lakes plan to retire or terminate some 7 employees and 9 positions total. The Mammoth Town Council will have to seal the fate of the workers as they struggle to make up a $1 million shortfall in revenue.

The other provisions agreed on by town administration and employees groups includes town hall and tourism employees taking a day a month off with no pay for 6 months. Police will suspend their on-call pay and the town will defer funding for accrued time off. The entire plan would save $1 million in the second half of this fiscal year.

It’s up to the Council. They also have more bear matters to face. The Town apparently owes Bear With Us and/ or Steve Searles as much as $16,000.

The agenda item recommends “referring the payment request to staff, the Town Attorney and the councilmembers working on the future contract to review with steve Searles, with direction to take into consideration the amount of time worked, the types of work performed, the amounts of compensation from all sources for the work performed, equitable rates of pay and the financial limitations of the Town.”

And, the bear issue remains mired in process and complex considerations.

More Wednesday night.