Mammoth Town Council approves $36,000 to implement new brand

When Mammoth Lakes Tourism Director John Urdi urged the Town Council to spend $36,000 to implement a new Town mammothlogologo or brand, some observers said they could only think about the Town’s $40 million debt and questioned the expenditure. However, many others – from the Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Board and council members themselves – supported the branding expense.

Director Urdi said the Town and Mammoth Mountain launched research for a new brand in 2007. Last Wednesday night, Urdi presented the final logo image which resembles a blue triangle with two rounded peaks on top. Check it out on our website, Urdi maintained that the “new brand identity represents a new attitude and energy for the Town of Mammoth Lakes.” He said it presents a new, modern and fun image.

Urdi went on to say that “Mammoth Lakes represents escape from peoples’ day to day.” He said the firm of Brand Identity Development Hornall Anderson took information from the previous research and from new discussions to develop a brand identity. The agenda packet says Mammoth Lakes Tourism has invested about $65,000 in the development and research of the new brand. Urdi asked the Council to approve $36,000 more to put the new logo on new business cards, letter head, signs on Town vehicles, Town uniforms and other places.

Urdi also said that the Town could use the new brand for merchandising. He suggested a license or trademark for the new brand and then use of it on saleable items. He even suggested local businesses might pay to use the logo along with their own. Council member Jo Bacon did express concern about spending money to re-do logos and signs. She suggested phasing it in, but Councilman Matthew Lehman said he thought it was important to do it all at once.

Councilman John Eastman brought out the unspoken concern. He said, “Even though we are burdened with the lawsuit, we need to move forward in a timely manner.”
Eastman proposed approval of the brand and the $36,000 out of the general fund. The motion passed 4 to 1 with Council member Bacon voting no.

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