Mammoth School Board Maps Out Leadership Selection

In search of new leaders, the Mammoth School Board met last night and took steps toward hiring a new superintendent, elementary principal and high school principal.

The board decided to hire a southern California firm called Leadership Association. This time, the process to find a new superintendent will take a different course. Usually, officials have brought in parents, teachers and members of the community to help make the decision. This time, the School Board will hold some open community forums to hear what kind of superintendent the Mammoth public wants, but the School Board members will deal exclusively with candidates.

Officials say that this method will honor candidates’ confidentiality needs. The final decision will rest fully on the Board members who will review applications and conduct interviews. No one from the community will share in that part of the process.

The process to find new elementary and high school principals will include a more public process. Ads will go out to other school districts and elsewhere throughout the state. Focus groups of parents and staff will work on the issue under the direction of Interim Elementary Principal Pat Rogan.

Officials will take in applications and set up interview panels in a more open forum.


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