Mammoth resident killed in loader accident

Mammoth Lakes Police Department press release

Mammoth Lakes, CA – On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, the Mammoth Lakes Police Department responded to assist with a call for medical aid on the 200 block of Lupin Street at approximately 1813 hours.

A Mammoth Lakes resident was involved in an incident on private property with a private loader that they had contracted for snow removal.

The victim was transported to Mammoth Hospital and subsequently flown out for medical treatment, where they later succumbed to their injuries. Identity of the deceased will be released after notification of next-of-kin.


CHP press release

On Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at approximately 1332 hours, a party was installing tire chains on a Toyota Prius along the shoulder of northbound US-395, just north of McGee Creek Road.

A Dodge Ram pickup truck was traveling northbound US-395 at approximately 45 mph. The weather and visibility was poor with nearly whiteout conditions.

Due to his unsafe speed for the conditions, the driver of the Dodge was unable to avoid the Toyota parked along the northbound shoulder. The Dodge Ram struck the rear of the Toyota Prius, which resulted in major injuries to the two passengers who were seated in the Toyota Prius. Both passengers of the Toyota were not wearing safety restraints.

The party outside of the Toyota who was installing the tire chains was able to jump away from the collision and was uninjured. One passenger was transported to Mammoth Lakes Hospital and the other passenger was transported to Northern Inyo Hospital. The driver of the Dodge Ram was uninjured.

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2 Responses to Mammoth resident killed in loader accident

  1. sugarmags January 17, 2017 at 8:11 am #

    Guarantee you the Prius was NOT parked in the northbound shoulder, but was in the number 2 lane!

    Why CHP allows people and chain monkeys to stop IN the lane to put chains on is inexplicable. Then chain monkeys actually stand in the number ONE lane trying to make people think they HAVE to pull over and put chains on.

    I was driving through a chain up area the other day, going well below the 35 mph limit, no one in my lane, but a chain monkey standing in it up ahead, who then encouraged a driver who’d just put their chains on to pull out into the number 1 lane, no way could I stop in time to avoid them…thankfully, as I laid on the horn, they saw me attempting to stop (and sliding) and quickly pulled back into the the number 2 lane.

    Chain up areas exist ONLY where there is extra wide shoulders. people need to be on the shoulder and use the number 2 lane for getting back onto the highway safely. You could be going 5 mph and you can’t stop to avoid someone who pulls out in front of you in icy conditions.

  2. dpblue January 13, 2017 at 11:46 am #

    SLOW DOWN!!!


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