From the Town of Mammoth Lakes

On January 30, 2017 the Town Manager signed a Proclamation declaring the existence of a local emergency.

On February 1, 2017 in Suite Z (Minaret Village Mall) at 6:00 pm, Town Council will consider the proclamation as an Urgency Item and by motion, consider ratifying the signed proclamation by Council resolution.

Town staff will make a presentation to Town Council tonight regarding the needs of the Town and the implications and benefits of this action.



WHEREAS, Section of the 2.48.050 of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Code appoints the Town Manager as the director of emergency services and provides the authority for the Town Manager to proclaim a local emergency if the Town Council is not in session;  and

WHEREAS, Section of the 2.48.060 of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Municipal Code empowers the Town Manager to request the Town Council to proclaim the existence or threatened existence of a local emergency in accordance with Government Code section 8630; and

WHEREAS, whenever a local emergency is proclaimed by the Town Manager, the Town Council shall take action to ratify the proclamation within seven days thereafter or the proclamation shall have no further force or effect; and

WHEREAS, the Town Manager of the Town of Mammoth Lakes does hereby find: that conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property have arisen within the Town, as a result of extreme winter snowstorms beginning January 7, 2017, and severe winter weather and snow accumulations on January 21, 2017; and

1. The storm events have resulted in damage to structures including Fire Stations belonging to the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District within the Town of Mammoth Lakes, requiring the need for specialized equipment to respond to medical and other emergencies, and contracting for additional services to access fire hydrants buried by snow;

2. Damages to private residences and propane systems have both
threatened homes and left approximately 167 metered customers without propane;

3. The Town was required to find contractors outside of town to haul snow as storage areas were overwhelmed and resources from Mono and Inyo Counties were not available and local snow removal operators were also overwhelmed;

4. Town snow removal operators and equipment were also required to keep State Highway 203 open and operating safely as California
Transportation crews and equipment were not available;

5. Due to snow depths and coverage the full potential of damages to public and private property is not fully known and additional storms are anticipated within a short time frame which may exacerbate current conditions;

6. These conditions resulted in operating conditions and demands beyond the control, services, personnel, equipment and facilities within the Town and from regional mutual aid to address the emergency and to assist in recovery efforts; and

7. The Town Council of The Town of Mammoth Lakes is not in session.

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY PROCLAIMED that a local emergency now exists throughout the Town; and

IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED that a copy of this declaration be forwarded to the Governor of California with the request that he proclaim a state of emergency for the Town of Mammoth Lakes, and further that the Governor request a Presidential Declaration; and

IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED that consideration for a U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Declaration for Individual Assistance is requested. Additionally, funding through the California Disaster Assistance Act and any and all recovery assistance the State of California can provide is

IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED that during the existence of said local emergency the powers, functions and duties of the emergency services organization of the Town of Mammoth Lakes shall be those prescribed by law, by ordinances and resolutions of this Town, and by the Town of
Mammoth Lakes Emergency Operations Plan.

BY: DATE: January 30, 2017

Daniel C. Holler






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