Mammoth Police Investigate Possible Dog Poisonings

Mammoth Police have confirmed that officers are investigating reports of possible dog poisonings in town.dog_silhouette.jpg

Sergeant Karen Smart said that officers spoke with the owners of two dogs living on the north side of Joaquin St. on the Meridian end. Sergeant Smart said that the dogs became sick under suspicious circumstances. One of them died. The other survived. Now, she said, police continue to investigate to see if the dogs were, in fact, poisoned intentionally.

Sergeant Smart noted that it is a concern that the two dogs were in the same area. She suggested that people living in the Joaquin/ Meridian area might want to watch their pets.

The area where pets apparently got into trouble includes Forest Creek Condos and Tallus. Possibly the field in between the two projects, too.

Again, poisoning of pets is unconfirmed but under investigation. Sergeant Smart asked that if anyone has any information related to this case, police would appreciate a call.

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