Mammoth Police Arrest Knife Wielding Burglar

Mammoth Police have arrested a 21-year-old Chino Hills man for allegedly breaking into a home, vandalizing a car, and threatening the homeowner with a knife.


According to Sgt. Karen Smart, at 11:34 Saturday night, Mammoth police were called out to a home in the Knolls neighborhood by a husband and wife who said that her husband had just chased a man out of their house. The man was reported to be carrying two knives, though the second knife allegedly brandished was later determined to be a claw hammer.

According to police, the suspect entered through the unlocked front door, knocked over some glassware in the kitchen, which woke up the residents. When confronted by the residents, olice say that the suspect brandished a bowie style knife and left the house.

At 11:43 pm, police say that officers located a person matching the description of the suspect a street away from the location of the burglary. The man was taken into custody at gunpoint without incident, Sgt. Smart reports. The suspect was identified as Scott Cameron Slater of Chino Hills.

The homeowners later positively identified Slater as the same suspect who was in their home and positively identified some property recovered from Slater as their own, police say.

Slater was taken to the county jail and booked on charges of burglary, possession of stolen property, exhibiting a deadly firearm, and vandalism. Police say that Slater was also charged with carrying a concealed knife, after investigations revealed that Slater had hidden the knife in his clothes and entered one of the local bars earlier in the evening.




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