Road rage crimes abound in Southern California on the freeways. So, for Mammoth Lakes Police who investigated a hit and run and learned that the collision may have resulted from a road rage incident, it was an unusual incident.

Police said that officers responded to the area of Old Mammoth Road and Main Street on a 911 call to investigate a hit and run involving two vehicles. That’s when they heard the story of possible road rage.

The victim, 29 year old Bradley Fisher of Laguna Beach stated that shortly after turning onto Highway 203 from 395 a pick up truck driven by 38 year old Mickey Lyle of San Diego had come alongside his RV driving erratically. Fisher said that for no apparent reason the vehicle had then pulled behind his RV and began to tailgate him. Fisher stated to police that Lyle would drop back several car lengths before accelerating up to his bumper. Lyle had done this at least four times before reportedly striking the rear bumper hitch to the RV, according to Fisher.

Lyle then fled the area after the collision. Fisher called police with a description of the vehicle. Officers said that during a search of the area by police and Sheriff’s deputies, the suspect vehicle was located by two deputies near the USFS compound on Main and Old Mammoth. Officers said Lyle refused to get out of his vehicle. Deputies forcibly removed him and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon and for investigation of driving under the influence. Lyle went to the Mono County Jail.


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