Mammoth Police and AED Save Man

A holiday story of a heart beat for a man who apparently suffered a heart attack and was dying.aed.jpg

Mammoth Police said that Sgt. Marc Moscowitz and Officer Doug Hornbeck heard a radio call of a man down without a pulse at Whiskey Creek in Mammoth. They rushed to the restaurant. Sgt. Moscowitz took in his recently issued AED or Automatic External Defibrillator. Officer Hornbeck had a valve bag mask.

The two officers applied the AED to the man. The equipment analyzed the man's heart and advised a shock be applied. Officer Hornbeck administered the shock and the AED advised the officers to start CPR. They did until paramedics arrived and began advanced life support measures. The man did revive and his pulse was rapid. He was transported to Mammoth Hospital and then Reno.

It was former Town Councilman and current Planning Commissioner Tony Barrett who worked to acquire AED equipment for Mammoth. He had witnessed an AED save the life of a Mammoth resident who had collapsed during a social function.

All MLPD personnel are trained in the use of the AED through Mammoth Hospital's Heart Saver Course.

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