Mammoth Orthopedic Institute hosts course, lecture series

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Mammoth Orthopedic Institute in partnership with Mammoth Hospital recently hosted its first annual course and lecture series on the practice of Orthopedics developed by orthopedic surgeons, Michael Karch, Timothy Crall, and Brian Gilmer.

Dr. Timothy Crall

Dr. Timothy Crall

Participants from all over the country included doctors, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. Dr. Brian Gilmer was pleased with the attendance and quality of guest presenters, and said the talks really reinforced the objective of the conference.

“The spirit and purpose of this course wasn’t just to rehash the same PowerPoint presentations given by experts at various meetings, but to critically evaluate the indications, techniques, successes, and failures involved in the treatment of complex problems in which no clear evidence-based guidelines exist,” says Gilmer.


Case presentations included lessons at disaster sites from Ground Zero at the September 11th Terrorist Attacks through Hurricane Haiyan in the Philippines in 2014 by Dr. Michael Karch. Drs. Brian Gilmer and Timothy Crall moderated discussions and presented on topics from complex knee and shoulder reconstruction, to upper extremity cartilage.

Guest speaker, Dr. Raffy Mirzayan, a field leader in articular cartilage reconstruction from Kaiser Permanente also provided a lecture on his specialty. “All presenters were great, and having Dr. Mirzayan share the latest techniques on cartilage replacement was fascinating,” said Sarah Lang, ATC.

Total attendance for the course held at the Village Lodge was around 30 people, which helped facilitate more of an interactive exchange between participants. “The collaborative environment and sharing case studies led to great discussion and learning,” said Cory Lamblin, MD.

Due to its success, the surgeons of Mammoth Orthopedic Institute are looking forward to hosting future conferences in the upcoming years. “The opportunity to come together from many disciplines (surgeons, physician assistants, therapists, nurses, athletic trainers) was invaluable for understanding the big picture, building a better team, and caring for our patients,” said Karilyn Myers, PT.

For more information on the Mammoth Sports Course, please call (760) 924-4084.


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