Mammoth Officials Go To Work on a Proposal for Searles

After last week’s vote to contract with bear manager Steve Searles, Mammoth Town Councilmen John Eastman and Neil McCarroll have met with town staff to come up with a proposal for Searles.

In what was described by some residents as a bold leadership move, Councilman Eastman appealed to his fellow councilmembers to consider the serious needs of the town’s people, forced to deal with bears breaking in to kitchens and other buildings.

Eastman’s firm plea netted a unanimous vote to re-hire Searles. Since then, according to Town Manager Rob Clark, Eastman and McCarroll have met with staff members to determine the parameters of a deal. Included in those meetings – Manager Clark, Police Chief Randy Schienle and Town Attorney Peter Tracy.

Once an offer is formulated, apparently a proposal will be made to Steve Searles by the councilmen.

Searles, recognized nationally for his uncanny talent for dealing with bears, has remained at the center of a local controversy over how Mammoth should handle bear management.


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