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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





Trash, traffic, and trespassing – those appeared to be the main issues for people who attended the community meeting organized by Mammoth resident Leigh Gaasch. Gaasch kicked off her one-person community activism campaign earlier this year with homemade surveys delivered to the Town Council in sealed cardboard boxes.

Cleland Hoff was at the meeting. She reports that people mostly discussed issues that related to the Sierra Valley sites, AKA the ghetto. In response to traffic concerns in that neighborhood, Mammoth Police officers explained the recent push at traffic calming in town.

Others explained the trespassing issue in the Sierra Valley Sites. With few fences and open terrain under the trees, some residents are concerned with people cutting through their private property to get to other blocks.

Cleland reports that others were concerned with trash and improper trash storage in town.

What came out of this community meeting is uncertain at this time. At least one person described this grassroots community meeting as a gripe session, according to Hoff.

The people in attendance did not appear to be the usual public meeting crowd, so its also possible that town officials heard some new voices.