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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Allegations of frustration and tempers over the top – According to Mammoth Police, that’s what led to one man stabbing another with a screwdriver blade.

Police said that they received a report of a stabbing. The caller, they said, gave vague details to the dispatcher. When officers arrived at 24 Tyrol Lane, they found that a stabbing had occurred and that all involved were no longer on scene.

Officers said that the victim of the stabbing was found at Mammoth Hospital a short time later. The suspect, 35 year old Matthew John Walker, showed up at the police station to tell his side of the story.

Police said that after interviewing both parties and several witnesses, they determined that the fight and stabbing erupted over Walker’s vehicle which was blocking a driveway at the condo complex. The victim, they said, lost patience while waiting for Walker to move his car. Police said that the victim confronted Mr. Walker in his condo.

The confrontation moved out into the street where the two people ended up in a physical brawl. Walker allegedly stabbed the victim with a pocket multi-tool, using the screwdriver blade.

The victim was treated at Mammoth Hospital for a stab wound in his upper arm. Walker went to jail in Bridgeport on a charge of Assault With a Deadly Weapon.