Mammoth Lakes Housing needs $300,000 to provide much needed rental payments

Mammoth Lakes Housing NEEDS $300,000 to provide much needed rental payments for Mammoth Lakes residents through December 2020.

Mammoth Lakes Housing is an Official Partner working collaboratively with the Town of Mammoth Lakes to fulfill the shared community vision of providing both the highest quality of life for our residents, and the highest quality of experience for our visitors.

Since inception, Mammoth Lakes Housing has been spearheading a workforce housing development program targeted at tackling one of the toughest issues facing Sierra communities today. Now they need your help to keep families in their homes.

The Emergency Rent Assistance Program was created in April 2020 as a response to the significant need for rental payment assistance as many local businesses and the tourism economy were devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mono County, the Town of Mammoth Lakes, First Five Mono, the California Coalition for Rural Housing, and generous individual donors initially contributed approximately $600,000 to support the program, and with more than 50 applicants on the waitlist, this initial funding has been depleted.

“Since April, the Emergency Rent Assistance Program has helped 387 Mono County households pay rent and maintain their long-term housing stability during the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Patricia Robertson Executive Director. “We have processed nearly 1,000 checks to cover up to $500 per month for up to four months for those whose income has been impacted by this public health emergency.” 

Hundreds of tenants have expressed their utmost gratitude for the program and landlords have stated this funding was invaluable. One tenant said, “I lost my job when the mountain closed and have been trying extremely hard to find employment. The combination of not paying rent and inability to pay my student loans has been extremely stressful and without this assistance, I would have been living out of my car.” Another tenant wrote, “I just wanted to write and thank you for providing some rental support this summer. It has made a real difference for me.” 

A landlord expressed, “They are lovely tenants; I would do anything to support them through this crisis. I really appreciate their honesty and willingness to communicate their situation and the hardships due to COVID, and I am really glad the [program] is helping them.” And another stated, “I am just proud to be a resident of Mono County right now, and just really appreciate the [program] is helping [people] in the hotel and resort jobs.”  

The need for the Emergency Rent Assistance Program is expected to last until the winter tourism season begins. 100% of all donations are given to families in need. 

The goal is to raise $300,000 in donations to support the Rent Assistance Program through December. Any donation, great or small, is very much appreciated. 

Donations can be made directly to Mammoth Lakes Housing.

Thank you for your continued support of our community!


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