Mammoth Lakes groundwater report

mammothabove townThe Mammoth Community Water District regularly monitors over 20 monitoring and eight production wells and collects streamflow measurements of Mammoth Creek. This local groundwater and surface water monitoring supports the District’s larger water resources management work in the Mammoth Creek watershed, to ensure sustainable use of local water supplies. Every year, this monitoring data is analyzed and described in a groundwater monitoring report. The current groundwater report covers October 2010 through September 2011 and was prepared by Ken Schmidt and Associates, located in Fresno, California. This year is the 20th annual report on groundwater conditions.

In summary, the analysis found:

    The monitoring and production wells showed rising water levels following the above
normal precipitation year;

    During the monitoring period, the District pumped 463 acre‐feet of water, this
amount represents 63% less than the previous water year;

    There have not been any changes in the quality of the groundwater; and

    Pumping did not affect Mammoth Creek streamflow nor was there any measurable
influence on the Hot Creek headsprings.

This ongoing effort to monitor and annually evaluate our groundwater resources ensures a reliable long‐term water resource for our community. The report is conducted under a cooperative agreement with the California Department of Fish and Game and the U. C. Valentine Reserve. A copy of the report can be obtained from our website homepage, under Current Events.

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