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The debt scenario in Mammoth Lakes has driven a number of citizens to ghastly imaginings.  Will the Town be able to afford more than public safety services?  What about all those years of work on


Negotiations over Mammoth's future take place in this high rise in Santa Monica across from the beach where MLLA operates.

recreation and marketing?  What about all those tax measures designed to pump up the Town?  As residents ponder the dire possibilities, they also say get it over with.

At the end of July, public discussions will point to “what is important to the Town Council and to the community”, according to Marianna Marysheva-Martinez.  She and Town Manager Dave Wilbrecht will offer nine areas of priority to start the discussion as the Town goes forward with the Mammoth Lakes Land Acquisition settlement.

When the Town knows what the payments will be on an annual basis, Martinez said, “Then we will look at where to cut or raise revenues.”  At last week’s Town Council meeting, Martinez pointed to the very large debt and the new reality for Mammoth.  “It’s a new baseline,” she said.

Meanwhile, when asked about rumors that an MLLA attorney had called people in Mammoth about formation of a focus group on the debt settlement, Mark Rosenthal of MLLA said, “At this juncture we are not in a position to comment upon any of the Town’s efforts to address their debt to us.”  Privately, some locals said the calls were made, and at least two Town Councilmen knew nothing about it.