woman wearing surgical mask closeup image beautiful surgeon 33396199Mammoth Hospital supports the use of masks by the general public. This has been shown to slow the spread of COVID-19 due to the fact that the virus is present in many people who don’t show symptoms.

Simple masks that cover the mouth and nose may help prevent the spread of COVID-19. When you wear a mask, it helps you avoid transmitting the virus to surfaces, which could result in infecting others.

Masks need to be used correctly to be effective at stopping the virus. Users of masks should follow these instructions in order to avoid accidental mask to hand to surface contamination:

1. Always wash your hands after touching your mask.
2. Never touch the inside of your mask.
3. When not in use, store your mask in a paper bag.
4. Wash your hands after placing a mask on your face.
5. When using a homemade mask, store it in a paper bag while not in use so it does not contaminate surfaces.
6. Wash homemade cloth masks with hot water and soap daily to kill infectious material on the surface of the mask.

We strongly encourage the use of homemade cloth masks. Masks are in short supply, so whether you are given a mask or make your own, please take care of it!

Together, we can help to keep all of us safe!

Distance. Wash. Cover.

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