Mammoth Hospital Weathers Tight Finances, Doctor Complaints, Leaky Roof

Fiscal anxieties but back on track. That's how Mammoth Hospital Board Chairman Don Sage described the hospital's condition in the new year.mammoth_hospital.jpg

Plagued with millions in uncollected revenue and building project costs, Mammoth Hospital limped through troubled times and lost more than half its $11 million reserve.

Chairman Sage said the status of finances is "Okay." He said that in the fall, the hospital was running behind but in December "things picked up." Like everything in Mammoth, the hospital is "highly seasonal," according to Sage.

As for new Hospital Administrator Gary Boyd, Sage said he is "good. Very professional." To rumors that the medical staff might have problems with Boyd, Chairman Sage said of Boyd, "He's running the hospital in a very professional, compassionate way. I'm pleased. There are no serious revolts against Gary."

Sage did say that some physicians did present concerns to the Board in November that some clinic fee schedules had not been raised in some time. We've talked about correcting that."

On reports of a leaky roof in one of the operating rooms, Sage said there are leaks but they're not prohibiting use of the room.

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