Mammoth Hospital officials investigate accreditation from JACHO

With the financial situation on a dramatic turn upward, Mammoth Hospital officials have now turned to the possibility of mammothosperofficial accreditation by JACHO, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

At last week’s meeting the Mammoth Hospital Board spoke, via conference call, to Jeff Conway the Assistant Director of JACHO. He explained that Mammoth Hospital would undergo a two-day survey by nurses and safety officials. Other investigations would be involved to certify that the hospital meets high standards of patient care and safe surroundings. The survey would cost $7,620. The annual fee is $2,590.

Chief Operating Officer Joe Bottom confirmed later that the real cost is the “hundreds of hours of re-writing policies” to adhere to new standards. Bottom confirmed what Mr. Conway said about the Joint Commission’s new attitude. Conway said, “We got rid of policing and have developed an educational style of guidance. Our style and technique are now different,” he said.

Mr. Bottom said, “In the old days they were about police action. Now, it’s a breath of fresh air. They focus on coaching and helping rather than attacking.”

Officials said they would pursue this process and have further discussion next month. Mammoth Hospital was accredited in the past but dropped the practice during times of difficult finances.

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