Mammoth Hospital press release

As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality of care possible to Mono County and the surrounding communities, Mammoth Hospital has partnered with Cerner Corp ( to implement a suite of health care information technology software solutions.

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As a patient, you may use some of these solutions, and we wanted to inform you of the
steps we are taking to improve your health care experience.

One of the first solutions we will implement is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. An EHR is a digital version of your complete medical history. There are immense benefits that you will experience from this EHR, including:
 Having your medical history stored digitally, making it easier for you and your providers to
coordinate your care.
 Reducing the need for paper documentation by transferring lab results, imaging records,
prescription information, etc. online where it’s available at your care team’s fingertips.
 Enabling more holistic healthcare decisions.
 Reducing the chance of medical errors.
 More convenient billing and electronic prescription fulfillment.

Another really important feature that you will experience is the individual patient portal. With your secure login credentials, you will have online access to your medical record. Your patient portal will help you become more engaged in your health in a number of ways, including doublechecking that your information is correct and complete, keeping track of your medicines and dosages and having access to your medical history when visiting specialists or Mammoth Hospital doctors.

For the next few months, we will have Mammoth Hospital employees in our waiting rooms helping patients get set up in the patient portal so be on the lookout for our Portal Service Representatives!

If you visit Mammoth Hospital in the upcoming weeks, here are a couple of tips to help simplify your visit while our system is “under construction”:
 Be prepared to discuss your complete medical history. Even if you have shared this information
with us before, we may need it to reestablish your patient profile on our new system.
 Bring personal identification, such as your driver’s license or identification card.
 Bring your insurance card and supplemental information. Again, even if you have shared this with us before, we may need to enter it into our new system.


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