Last month, Mammoth Hospital faced cutbacks in all departments due to a low patient census in February. This month and next, the hospital will make further cuts.mammoth_hospital_entrance

Community Relations Director Lori Ciccarelli confirmed that managers have been asked to reduce their budgets by 10% for April and May. Ciccarelli said that means everyone in the organization will take two days off with or without paid time off.

In March Mammoth Hospital implemented a 5% cut. Ciccarelli had said that everyone would take one day per month off or an equivalent of that in each department. At that time, she said that the planned cutbacks amounted to a proactive move by Administrator Gary Boyd.

Ciccarelli had also said that from senior management to the front lines everyone would participate in the cutbacks as a team. She pointed to economic times leading to these adjustments.

Last month, Administrator Boyd had added that next fiscal year, which starts in July, each hospital department would likely be challenged to cut operations by as much as 6%. He also said that officials would work to keep hospital charges to patients at a minimum.

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